Forget Love Potion # 9: Crystals for Matters of the Heart

Whether you are looking for love, are already deeply in love, healing from love gone wrong or wanting to reconcile with a lost love, crystals can support you throughout your journey. You can experiment with these crystals by meditating with them, sleeping with them nearby, carrying them with you throughout the day or by charging your water with non-toxic crystals.

Citrine is a water safe crystal, excellent for charging your water. Citrine is particularly supportive during the tumultuous ups and downs of Twin Flame and karmic connections. Known as the Stone of Manifestation, citrine boosts motivation, individuality, courage, and personal power to help keep relationships moving forward. This crystal can empower you, your partner, friend or even family member to break toxic cycles and ease feelings of sadness. Find a piece of sunshine yellow Citrine to boost optimism and help end self-sabotaging behaviors, in you or the person you love. The Stone of Opportunity and Manifestation will help improve all manner relationships, whether you are trying to rebuild a relationship or build on the positive emotions already present. Romantically, citrine is also a powerful stone in attracting new love.

Rose Quartz is another water safe crystal, perfect for crystal elixirs or water bottles. This rosy stone helps foster forgiveness for yourself and those you love. The most well-known stone of love rose quartz fills your heart with love and empathy for others as well as self-love and self-worth. It is a soothing stone, known to help ease anxiety, conflict, and heartache in all manner of relationships. Rose quartz will bolster the love you already share, help you let go and heal from the love you have lost, and open your heart to new love.

Amazonite is not water safe but is a soothing stone to hold in your hand while meditating, carry with you throughout the day or place under your pillow as you sleep. Amazonite comes in a variety of tones, the best colors for matters of the heart are from green to bluish aqua-green. This comforting stone helps foster feelings of forgiveness and dispel resentment. Resonating in the heart chakra, amazonite emits compassionate, understanding, and loving energies. This stone also resonates with the throat chakra, fostering honest, authentic communication. As such, amazonite helps strengthen all manner of relationship, heal heartache, and attract new romantic love.

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