How to Align Your Chakras with Crystals

A balanced, aligned chakra system can serve as a strong foundation for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Healing crystals can be a simple, affordable way to ensure your chakras are in optimal health.

7th Above Crown of the Head



6th Between Eyebrows

Third Eye


5th Center of Throat


Sky Blue

4th Center of Chest



3rd Below Ribcage

Solar Plexus


2nd Below Navel



1st Base of Spine




 The colour frequency of each chakra is the fundamental knowledge needed to align your chakras with healing crystals. There are seven primary chakras, starting at the base of the spine, moving up the spinal column, to just above the crown of the head.

Typically, crystals that work best for each chakra match the chakra’s colour frequency. There are some addendums. The crown chakra also resonates well with opalescent and translucent crystals. The third eye also resonates well with purple crystals. Pink and red crystals can also help align the heart chakra. Orange crystals can work well with the solar plexus, conversely yellow crystals can work well for the sacral chakra. Finally, black, grey, and brown crystals also resonate strongly in the root chakra.

Now that you know what crystals to use, you’ll need to know how to use them. Using your healing crystals while you are meditating can be a very healing practice. You can place them on each chakra center as you lay flat on your back. If you prefer to sit, place several in your hands or your proximity. Placing the crystals nearby is a preferred practice for some, particularly people who are sensitive to crystals and find it too stimulating to place the crystals directly on their bodies.

You are fortunate to be a part of an era where crystals are readily available in multiple forms. You may want to try chakra aligning jewelry, or ornaments for your car or phone to keep you aligned on the go. You can also experiment with crystal grids. Crystal grids are formations or patterns you can place your crystals in, which can be placed in a dedicated space within your home or office. The benefit of a crystal grid is that chakra balancing energy is consistently available throughout the day.

Once your chakras are aligned, you can also treat each chakra as issues may arise. For instance, for lower back pain, carry a piece of red jasper for the root chakra. Lacking motivation? Carry a piece of citrine for the solar plexus. Crystal healing is an intuitive process, be sure to experiment with different crystals for different issues and find out what works best for you.

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