How to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

For every ailment of the mind, body, or spirit there is a supporting crystal. These precious stones foster a deep sense of well-being and holistic wellness in the lives of many. Have you ever questioned if they can do the same for you? The truth is you too can harness the power of these healing vibrations, once you have the recipe for crystal care.



Start by cleansing your crystals. Cleansing your crystals ensures they vibrate at their highest frequency. Light is an effective, yet simple way to cleanse your crystals. High energy crystals, meant to motivate, encourage and revitalize benefit most from the healing energy of the sun. Place your crystals in the sunlight for a few hours, this can be done indoors or out. Crystals that are meant to soothe tension, expand intuition, and balance emotional waters, benefit most from the healing energy of the moon. Place your crystals in the moonlight, either indoors or outdoors for a few hours.


Natural light is also a great way to imbue your crystals with a specific intention, commonly referred to as charging. The same concepts apply, balancing, soothing, and introspective purposes are charged by the moon. Whereas, revitalizing, motivating, and stimulating purposes are charged by the sun.

Another great source of light is from within. Reiki is the practice of channeling the spiritual energy that emanates from within you. When cleansing your crystals, place your feet firmly on the ground, visualize energy from the earth’s core drawing up into your body, and light from the universe being drawn down through the crown of your head. Next, visualize a pure white light pouring down over your crystals. Charging your crystals is a similar practice, ground yourself, channel the energy of the universe and set your healing intentions for the crystals. 


What is important to remember is when using light, energy, and intention, there are no wrong ways to charge your crystals. You may have the intuitive sense that certain crystals react best to different methods of cleansing and charging. Let the crystals guide you. In doing so you are building a profound connection to your crystals and the healing within them. 

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